It’s difficult when you come from a place having HDI ( human development Index) of less than 10 to a place with a HDI rank of 131…which has slipped down recently, in spite of our dream of becoming “superpower”. Even though that country is your birth place and you are determined to make it better, you can’t deny the stark difference in everything you see and experience. This is more if you have to work in a Health sector with meager 1.4% of GDP expenditure on health amidst all the corruption where Canada spends 11 % on it with almost cent percent Insurance coverage and assurity that it will reach to the common man. You start thinking again and again…”Am I doing right thing?”


First day started with this only. I was sitting in my cabin and pondering on various things. Then enters a medicine resident…the typical over worked character….uncleaned apron, unshaven face and murky eyes with that typical tired look ( medical education in India is one other issue to discuss). 

He was looking for me to see one patient of sickle cell anemia, 34 weeks of gestation and now intra uterine death (IUD)….!!! Being a new father…I can assume what that family was going through, after keeping it in for more than 8 months and taking care of everything… realize that tiny heart has seized to beat…..

And this was third time in row…every time same story….no medical follow up, no doppler study…no exchange transfusion….no monitoring…..every time it’s more than 8 months…and then….IUD!!!!

I asked resident…..what are the chances that she may have normal baby…considering her husband being normal….

He was hesitant to answer but as I was persistent….he said…most likely baby will have disease….I just closed my eyes and took deep breath…..


“Good that I came back…joined a medical college where I can discuss and train next generation….and most importantly I am available to all the sectors of society.”
Bone marrow transplant…certainly we need it…and will do it…
But at this time our India needs something which is very basic….

(100 %… will NOT have sickle cell disease!!!!)


Let’s come together….to create a better India….


If your patients need any hematological consultation….
Irrespective of financial or social abilities…


Dr Manoj Toshniwal
DM Haematology
“Consultant Haematologist and Bone marrow transplant (BMT) Physician”

MGM campus, gate no 2., cabin no 22.
Time : Monday to Friday 9 AM – 2 PM

“OPD for poor patients”
General OPD
MGM Out patient department
Monday and Thursday
9 am to 12 pm
*MGM hospital*N-6, CIDCO,
@Aurangabad 431003.

For appointments-
Ph no.
+ 91 9225300842

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