Blood related diseases are at a rise in India among people of all age groups and background. Proper diagnosis, analysis and treatments at the right time are critical to save the life in the cases like lymphoma and leukemia. We have started our “Jeevan-Amrut Haematology Centre” as one of the largest centres and a comprehensive one to give state of the art yet affordable healthcare for people suffering from various haematological ailments such as anemia, haemophilia, blood cancers etc. in Marathwada and adjacent region. We keenly focus on quality healthcare with advanced diagnostics to support our patient care. We strive to manage all patients with blood disorders and cancers. Our focus is on comprehensive care where financial, social and personal needs of individual patient are taken care of. The Centre has infrastructure and facilities ranging from Haematology Consultation, Bone Marrow aspiration and biopsy for all indications, day care centre for chemotherapy, a well-equipped haematology laboratory which performs all the laboratory tests from Flowcytometry to Cytogenetics and molecular testing required for all the haematological diseases under one roof.


The Unit has been run by an Eminent Haematologist Dr Manoj Toshniwal


Team Vision

  • To provide comprehensive, Holistic approach to patient care, treatment and patient education in haematological disorders.
  • To bring world class service near to patient’s home and make a difference in treatment of haematological disorders.


Why Visit Us?

  • Internationally-acclaimed haematologists
  • Trained and dedicated nurses and staff
  • Only Day care haematology centre in Marathwada for chemotherapy
  • State of the art Haematology Laboratory
  • Committed staff to serve